Cineplex, Fire Exit

We go to the Cineplex like some go get mega-churched,
but your truth French-cactuses my tongue

during previews, known in marketing as premonitions.
Air-conditioned caramel sticks in my fillings, scolds me

of the form-fitting mouth-guard at home for not clenching
molars, incisors, the shut-up, don’t-say-it,

that Plasticine “everything’s alright here.” I could lose
a tooth, pathway to the grave, and you’re a sad-

sack of wet popcorn as the film hovers
through the darkness like the USS Enterprise.

My brain flickers—which words to use—I can’t read
subtitles and feel at the same time.

You bandage your …

The Short History of Sexting

I’m totally not sure how Johnny wound up in jail and on the sex offender website,
Or how we wound up on probation and detention and on the front page

Jiffy Lube, Byway 17, North Medford, IL

Filling her nails with the perseverance of the annoyed, all she could think of was how tired she was from taking care of everything, every detail in their life together. …


for his wife

When men shoot
baskets they are
doing a fertility dance–
they put it Alley–
, through
the womb

And the man
whose wife
cannot   produce
an heir …

For the Water Balloon Throwers

I love the way water balloon throwers spot a hot hypocrisy

That needs drenching, how they hang from windows
Aiming their arguments at the longwinded,
Schoolyard bullies or university presidents or …