A Hate Crime Exposes Deeper Rifts Between Asian Americans

Koreans, Filipinos, and Indians Have Too Much in Common to Fracture Themselves Along Ethnic Lines

Of the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant actions, the best known are the barring of immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries, and the rounding up and deporting of undocumented immigrants, even those without criminal records or those who came to the United States as children. Now Trump has proposed slashing the number of legal immigrants, restricting family reunification, and moving towards a “merit-based” system that favors highly-educated, highly-skilled, and English-speaking applicants.

The impact of this era’s anti-immigrant sentiment is broad, and touches immigrants and native-born Americans in unforeseen ways. The problem is that …

Hawaii—Where Everyone Is Your Aunty

Call It a Melting Pot, a Bento Box, or Chop Suey. The Aloha State Has Much to Teach America About How to Be One Big Family

A melting pot. A bento box. Chop suey. Wontons with chips.

Hawaii is such an assortment of races, ethnicities, and cultures that it’s hard to pick just one way to …