Why Sheep Started So Many Wars in the American West

Each Year, an Idaho Festival Honors the Shepherds Who Sought to Keep the Peace

In early October, when the leaves turn golden and the shadows of the Sawtooth Mountains lengthen, the annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival moves through south central Idaho. The festival, complete with a sheep parade, sheepdog trials, and a wool fest, celebrates the long relationship between sheep and their human companions. 

Sun Valley, Idaho, is synonymous with New West wealth, but it sits in the Wood River Valley, where more humble ranchers and farmers have long made their living. In the 1990s, as bike paths shouldered their way along a …

My Delightful, Non-Depressing Scandinavian Film Festival

As a Kid, I Took a Crazy Leap Off a Roof. As an Adult, I Took an Even Crazier Leap Into Nordic Cinema.

When I was in the first grade, I so believed in the moving images I saw in cartoons that I once jumped off the top of our garage with an …

Wanna Get Naked and Drink Absinthe?

Burning Man Can't Be a Way of Life--But It Says a Lot About How We Live

A few years ago, a young man tested Burning Man’s ethos as a “gifting economy” by stripping naked at the gate and walking into the makeshift city of 50,000 people …