The Freeway Is the Perfect Place to Protest Ferguson

Blocking Traffic Is an Inconvenience to Commuters. It's Also a Reminder of How Highway Construction Has Segregated Our Cities.

After grand juries in New York and Missouri failed to indict police officers who killed unarmed black men, protestors across the nation vented their outrage by shutting down roads. In our own freeway metropolis, marchers temporarily shut down the 110 and 101 freeways, blocking two of Los Angeles’ central arteries.

Why freeways? Why not buses, streetcars, parks, lunch counters, or other ordinary spaces that have staged historic protests against racial injustice?

Blocking freeway traffic with bodies certainly heightens the urgency of the protestors’ cause. And while their preferred target creates a hassle …

A City of Freeways? Or a City of Freeway Fighters?

Los Angeles Has Been Defined Both By Its Big Roads and By the Efforts to Stop Them

Southern California has approximately 67,000 vehicular lane miles. In other words, we have enough roads to wrap around the earth 2.69 times at the equator. Government officials believe more roadways …

‘Rampture’ Is Just the Latest Front In My War With Lucifer

Taking On the Dark Lord Caltrans, One Miserable Surface Street At a Time

Whoever invents commuting monikers in Los Angeles seems to prefer religious themes. Pundits dubbed last year’s weekend-long closure of the 405 Freeway “Carmageddon.” They’ve named the closure of Wilshire Boulevard …