Volkswagen Is Far From the Only Auto Company Skilled in Evading the Green Police

The Recent Emissions Scandal Reveals the Gulf Between Eco-Friendly Transportation Demand and Regulatory Ability

During Super Bowl 2010, an ad came on featuring uniformed “Green Police” who put a guy in a headlock for taking a plastic bag, bust a man for failing to recycle an orange peel, and haul away an older gentleman who uses regular light bulbs instead of energy savers. Then these Orwellian figures put up a roadblock to stop polluting cars, but when they see an Audi diesel, they say “clean diesel” and wave the driver through. The ad ends with the words: “Green Never Felt So Good.”

But to …

Methane Is Invisible, Ubiquitous, and More Powerful Than We Imagined

A California Gas Leak Is Revealing the Outsize Punch of an Underestimated Molecule

Made of one carbon and four hydrogen atoms, lighter than air, methane is a democratic molecule. You make it, I make it, cows and coal mines emit it, as do …