California’s Most Unlikely Philanthropist Is Starting a New Chapter

Fabiola Moreno Ruelas Is Graduating—And Sending More Students Off to College

Among the thousands of students graduating from San Diego State this weekend is one of California’s youngest and most unlikely philanthropists.

I first profiled Fabiola Moreno Ruelas, now 21, three summers ago, after meeting her in Gonzales, her small hometown in the Salinas Valley. Her story was simple—but unforgettable.

Fabiola had very few resources growing up. Her father had been deported, her family was evicted from housing, and she and her mother relied on food stamps to eat and on donations from neighbors and church for clothes and schoolbooks. She did well …

If Politics Has You Down, Crash a Graduation Ceremony

Today's College Grads Exude Optimism and a Commitment to Teamwork That Political Leaders Would Do Well to Emulate

Around the country, graduation speakers are stepping up to podiums to deliver messages of inspiration and hope. But this is not your typical graduation season. This year, speakers honored at …