Brexit Is Spelled T-R-U-M-P in America

A Hatred of Outsiders Unites Anti-Globalizers Around the World

Donald Trump is America’s Brexit. Whoever wins the presidential election, Trump’s candidacy has made possible a level of public incivility that we’ve not seen in this country for many years. Racial epithets, demeaning comments about women, people with disabilities, immigrants, and refugees are back in the public discourse. Although many politicians raced to distance themselves from the recently-reported “locker-room” banter between Trump and a Bush family member, it’s also noteworthy that a surprising number of people have claimed these kind of private boasts, though distasteful, are normal—even acceptable and harmless. …

Hate’s Body

Hate gives all its reasons
as if they were terms for something more
I would do to you with a foot or a shovel.
There is a certain peace in …