California’s Single Payer Health Care Bill Is Dead on Arrival

The Senate Democrats' Proposal Is Illegal, Unworkable, and Ignores Other Nations' Useful Models

I am a lifelong Democrat who has been working hard for more than a decade to improve the policies and build the coalitions necessary for the success of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. I believe the ACA didn’t go far enough and that the United States must do more to guarantee universal and affordable health coverage. My preference would be for America to move toward a system similar to that of the Netherlands, perennially ranked at the top of the Euro Health Consumer Index. 

So why I am …

To End Infectious Disease, We Must Cure Our Societal Ills

Wars, Politics, and the Anti-Vaccine Movement Plague Global Efforts to Stop Epidemics

It once was stated that “man’s weakness is not achieving victories, but in taking advantage of them.” Indeed, this is the case for global infection control. Throughout history we have …

Why Does the Doc Keep Calling?

The Perils and Promise of the Next Hyped Health Cost Control: Accountable Care Organizations

You’ve got diabetes. Maybe also a little asthma. You’ve got a few extra pounds you know you should lose. You gave up smoking. You’re of a certain age. That is, …

What If My Sore Neck is Meningitis?

The Challenge of Cutting Down on Excessive Medical Tests

Doctors have a term for it: “defensive medicine.” It’s when the rash on your hand leads to tests for syphilis–that sort of thing. And it’s a big problem.

Most of us …

The Tooth Hurts

Getting Americans Dental Coverage Is Cheaper Than the Alternative

Pam Congdon is the kind of person who has had one cavity her whole life, and most of the time her job, as executive director of the California Association of …

The Not-So-Great War

Healthcare Policy Battles Have Been Waged For a Century Now—And They Still Rage

Sociologist and healthcare policy expert Paul Starr, author of Remedy and Reaction: The Peculiar American Struggle over Health Care Reform, opened his talk on America’s seemingly endless healthcare war on …