How U.S. Colleges Can Make the Grade

Professors, Administrators, and Education Innovators Describe What an Ideal American University Would Look Like

Higher education in America could be headed for rock bottom. Tuition has continued to rise at a steady pace, and years of deep cuts in state funding have forced colleges and universities to absorb many of the costs. As for the well-documented burden of student loan debt in the U.S.—well, even Taylor Swift can’t possibly pay off the entirety of what so many young graduates owe.

Going beyond crisis-intervention mode, however, educators and administrators are also tasked with a more complex set of challenges—bigger questions about how to direct young …

Can Two People Hold California’s Higher Education Hostage?

Why the State’s Universities and Colleges Desperately Need a New Master Plan

As its official budgeteers measure it, the University of California has a $27 billion operating budget—of which a little under $3 billion comes from the general fund of the state. …

Why Student Athletes Continue to Fail

The Problem’s Not the NCAA. It’s Players’ Expectations of Their Peers.

Seventy-four college underclassmen have been declared eligible for the NFL’s upcoming draft, but Ohio State’s quarterback Cardale Jones won’t be among them. A few days after winning the national championship …

How Poverty Is Crushing the Future of American Kids

Their Parents Can’t Earn a Living Wage, Their Schools Are Underperforming, and The Rest of Us Are Looking the Other Way

As the presidential election season kicks off, we can expect to be inundated with partisan debates about our nation’s biggest problems and how to address them. But there is one …

College Isn’t a Job Training Center

ASU’s Michael M. Crow and The New York Times’ Frank Bruni Discuss the University’s Role in Helping People Thrive

Liz McMillen can’t remember a time when Americans were more obsessed with the faults of universities than they are now.

“It seems that every other week, every other day, there’s an …

Universities on the Brink of a Nervous Breakdown

What Will It Take to Redesign and Reinvigorate American Higher Education?

Pretty much anyone you talk to in America today has an opinion about what’s wrong with our universities. Parents think they’re too expensive. Recent graduates fear being crushed by debt …