Los Alamitos Race Course In All Its Decaying Glory

Kentucky Derby Winner California Chrome’s Home Track Is Where a Suburban Kid Fell for a Rough-and-Tumble Pastime

Sometimes a thing so special needs to be approached slowly, in small steps that get closer over time.

I grew up a few short miles from Los Alamitos Race Course in Garden Grove in Orange County in the 1960s and 1970s. My earliest memories of the modest track—now in the news as the unlikely home of Kentucky Derby winner California Chrome—are seeing it from the back seat of my mother’s car as we drove down Katella Avenue to the Pasty House for Cornish meat pies. Who were the people, I wondered, …

Stop It, Mayor de Blasio. You’re Scaring the Horses.

People Who Want To Ban New York’s Old-Fashioned Carriages Forget That Some Animals Work For a Living. And There’s Nothing Wrong With That.

I share at least one thing with the people who want to get rid of carriage horses in New York City: I love animals. (Except rats, and I still wouldn’t …