Reporter Lisa M. Krieger

I’m A Little Bit of A Hoarder

Lisa M. Krieger is a reporter at the San Jose Mercury News. Before moderating a panel on what we can learn from doctors about how to deal with death, she sat down in the Zócalo green room to talk about being an alien in L.A. for the day (also known as a Northern Californian), open spaces from California to New Jersey, and what you might hear her sing at a karaoke bar.

Ken Murray

A Doctor Who Walks On the Wild Side

Dr. Ken Murray is the author of “How Doctors Die” and a retired family medicine physician and professor at the University of Southern California. Before participating in a panel on …

Going Gentler Into That Good Night

A Discussion of How Doctors—And the Rest Of Us—Prepare For the End

We all know we’re going to die, but we don’t want to talk about it–or plan for it. As a result, we take–and ask our healthcare providers to take–extraordinary measures …

Prepare To Die

What’s the Most Important Thing We Can Do To Take Control Of Our Final Days?


If you’re reading this, you will die. Of course, you’ll also die if you’re not reading this. Death is inescapable. We have a hard time accepting that, and we often …

Doctors Really Do Die Differently

Research Says That More Physicians Plan Ahead, Reject CPR, and Die In Peace

In late 2011, I wrote an essay for Zócalo called “How Doctors Die.” Drawing on my observations and experiences as a doctor, I reported that doctors tend to seek less …

This Is How I Wish To Die

Why I Filled Out a "POLST" Form

Dr. Ken Murray’s article about how doctors die generated a lot of comments about the bureaucratic side of end-of-life preparation. Curious to know about a form called the POLST, or …