Misread, Illegible, Invisible: Searching for a Vocabulary for Tule Lake

A Descendant of a Japanese American Concentration Camp Survivor Reckons With Wartime Incarceration

Out the front windows of our bus, we could see acres of sun-dried grasses in a hot and arid Northern California summer. On either side of the road: barbed wire fences, like the ones many of our family members spent years behind, surrounded by armed guards and guard towers, living in crowded tar paper barracks with little to no privacy.  

“How many of you have been here before, or were here during World War II?” our tour guide asked. A few Japanese Americans—in their 70s and 80s, or even older—raised their …

The Foundation for a Shared Tomorrow Is Built on Hard Truths

Panelists for ‘How Does Confronting Our History Build a Better Future?’ Help Us Imagine How to Pave a Hospitable Path Forward

Confronting America’s history is like fixing or maintaining an old home: acknowledging the parts that are in disrepair, and those that are rotten to the core. This is the metaphor …