Chicken Soup for the Angeleno’s Cold

What’s Your Can’t-Miss Home Remedy to Fight Flu Season?

So it’s too late in the season for you to get an effective flu shot. You’re fed up with the hollow claims of Emergen-C and Airborne. You don’t like how you feel in the morning after you take Nyquil. But how do you keep that stuffy nose and tickle in your throat from becoming a full-fledged attack? Luckily, we’re in L.A., awash in a sea of home remedies imported from around the world. So we asked around: What is your family/secret/grandmother’s/
fool-proof/works-every-time remedy for colds and flu?

You Have the Right To Be Sick—But Not On My Patients

California’s Tolerance of Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers Is Endangering the Rest of Us

Last week in my clinic, I saw a patient with AIDS. As part of this visit, my patient was examined by a medical assistant who had a cough and sniffles. …