It’s Not Your Grandparents’ Fault They Keep Getting Scammed Online

We Could Be Doing a Much Better Job of Educating Senior Citizens About Cybersecurity

In June, a collective “awwwwwh” reverberated across the Internet, as the story of a polite British grandmother who included “please” and “thank you” in her Google searches gave everyone the warm fuzzies. “I thought, well somebody’s put [the search results] in, so you’re thanking them,” she told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. “I don’t know how it works to be honest. It’s all a mystery to me.”

That mystery, however, can be dangerous.

Younger Americans are more likely to use the Internet, but seniors are joining at faster rates than their younger …

What It’s Like To Be Hacked By China

It’s Hard To Appreciate the Value of Privacy Before Someone Thoroughly Invades It. That’s What ‘Eric’ Did.

In 2007 I opened an e-mail from an unknown sender. The message greeted me by a nickname known only to family and close friends. I was in Shanghai, unwinding late …