Taking on Mexico’s Most Fearsome Cartel Leader

President Peña Nieto Arrests “La Maestra,” Teachers’ Union Boss, Neiman Marcus Profit Center

Mexicans were stunned, and united, by the news last week. Across all segments of society, conversations invariably turned to the same subject. “Can you believe it?” people would ask each other, as if for confirmation. “La Maestra (“the teacher”), arrested?” The conversations were sprinkled with plenty of “wows” and shaking of heads of the well-I-suppose-anything-is-possible variety.

“La Maestra” is Elba Esther Gordillo, who headed Mexico’s national teachers’ union until her arrest Tuesday evening after descending from her private jet at an airport outside Mexico City. She has long been one of …

Where Failure is the New Normal

Are Teachers Unions Quashing Needed Reforms?

Steven Brill’s journey into the American public school system began at an epicenter of failure and dysfunction: New York City’s “rubber rooms,” the “temporary reassignment centers” where teachers sat in …