The New Deal Origins of Homeland Security

During FDR’s Administration, the First Lady and the Mayor of New York Clashed Over Guns, Butter, and American Liberalism

Ever since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Americans have faced a set of seemingly unprecedented national security challenges and anxieties. Our society has been consumed with debates about government surveillance programs, overseas counter-terrorism campaigns, border security, and extreme proposals to bar foreign Muslims from America—debates that are all, at bottom, focused on finding the proper balance between keeping people safe versus protecting civil liberties.

This debate is not a new one in American history. Even before the Cold War fears of nuclear warfare, back in the 1930s and …

Why Liberals Are Out of Ideas

Success, Healthcare, the 99 Percent, and Economic Trouble Have Made New Thinking Harder—And Even More Important

American progressives are in despair over the present state of politics and the dashed and blocked plans of the Obama administration, but they are upbeat about the future. They rest …