What the Daisy Commercial Wrought

Mad Men, Volkswagen, and the Birth of the Political Attack Ad

Pundits have branded this primary presidential campaign season as the most vitriolic in history. Negative commercials dominate the airwaves.

How did we get here? Mad Men has the answer, of course.

During an episode from the first season of the show, fictional advertising executive Don Draper expresses revulsion for a self-deprecating Volkswagen print ad. It was part of a real, groundbreaking whimsical campaign from the 1960s that included several legendary ads–the “Lemon” spot Draper despises, “Think Small,” and later the “Snow Plow” television commercial. The campaign was innovative because of its refreshing …

Mad Men Look Back on Playboy and Pan Am

TV’s Distorted Gender Nostalgia Isn’t Selling

In a way, it’s too bad NBC’s much-hyped Playboy Club was unceremoniously dumped after merely three episodes. True, the writing was awful and the concept controversial, but for a minute …