Everyone Should Know That a Nuclear Bomb Can Incinerate Their Neighborhood in 2.5 Seconds

The Better We All Understand These Weapons’ Power, the Less Likely Governments Are to Use Them

I usually try to have fun at social gatherings, but almost inevitably someone who knows what I do for my “day job” asks me about nuclear weapons. “What’s up with North Korea?” “Is this Iran deal a good thing?” “Russia’s developing all these new weapons, what gives?!” “Looks like India and Pakistan might go to war, and they both have nukes!” “Geez, I didn’t know there were nuclear missile submarines in Seattle!”

Often, this leads to conversations about how bad a nuclear bomb, or even a nuclear war, would be. And …

A Half Century Later, the Cuban Missile Crisis Haunts My Dreams

But as a Child My Fighter Pilot Dad Was My Nuclear Bomb-Smashing Superman

On a Tuesday morning in mid-October 1962, my father received a phone call ordering him to fly from where we lived, Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base outside Kansas City, Missouri, to …