Why Scurvy Is Still a Snake in Our Nutritional Lost Paradise

To Absolve Mankind’s Genetic Original Sin, Drink Your Orange Juice

At some time in the evolution of the human organism, the gene that had allowed the body to synthesize vitamin C mutated, and the liver enzyme responsible for the synthesis ceased to work. The change had no known negative effect in humans, except when diets were restricted and fresh food was not readily available, as in famines, sieges, sea voyages, and polar explorations.

Then scurvy would break out—as it has recently in a mental hospital in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and at a clinic for diabetics in Sydney—with typical lesions on …

I Want to Eat Healthy–Why Does My High School Make That Hard?

Our Cafeteria’s Stomach-Churning Options Have Turned Breakfast and Lunch Into Skippable Meals

I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary of being a vegetarian. Every second has been worth it, but it has been an exhausting journey. It’s not because I’m dreaming of cheeseburgers …

We’re Going To Attack Your Donut Eating On All Fronts

How Health Propaganda Will Play Out In the Years Ahead

As much as social scientists have learned about what drives people’s decision-making, we still haven’t found a silver bullet for changing people’s behavior. Yet at a panel co-presented by UCLA …