How a Trump Economy Could Make Singapore Great Again

Restrictive Policies on Trade and Immigration May Shift Innovation to the East—and It May Never Come Back

Did the presidential election change the Pacific Rim as we know it?

During these days of transition speculation, there is plenty of talk about what president-elect Donald Trump’s victory means for health care, for immigrants, for the economy, for minorities, for NATO, and so on. In terms of long-term national interests, it’s important to add the endangered concept of a U.S.-centric Pacific Rim to this list. This is because the Trump victory may well spell the end of America’s previous Pacific aspirations.

We will quite possibly see a significant shift of …

U.S. Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau, Kurt Tong

My Hidden Talent Is That I Can Build Stuff

Kurt Tong was appointed U.S. Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau in June after serving as a diplomat for the State Department since 1990. His most recent previous assignment …

Hawaii’s Pacific Centuries

For America's Pacific Outpost, Asian Influence Is Nothing New

Long before Hawaii was a U.S. state, it was a Pacific nation.

Though the U.S. has only recently embraced a shift from emphasizing its relationships across the Atlantic to those …