Paparazzi: They’re Just Like Us

A Discussion of the Strange But Maybe Semi-Defensible Business Of Star Stalking

Actor Adrian Grenier sees the paparazzi as storytellers. Us Weekly editor Carolyn Davis publishes their photos to entertain. And celebrity photographer Galo Ramirez is just trying to make a living. But why do the rest of us crave photographs of Brad and Angelina’s wedding, or Jennifer Aniston’s baby bump–the two hottest “dream shots” of the moment–and what makes a great paparazzi photo?

“I think it’s seeing a star doing something you don’t expect them to do, like grocery shopping,” Los Angeles Times editorial writer and moderator Carla Hall told a crowd …

Face It, You Love Snooki Pix

Why Do We Crave What the Paparazzi Have To Offer?


If you’ve never picked up an Us Weekly or Star, then you must be an eccentric, a liar, or a North Korean. Tabloid photos of the rich and famous filling …