Take It From a Poll Worker, the System Isn’t Rigged

The People Who Staff Voting Precincts Put Aside Their Opinions So That You Can Express Yours

Recently, Donald Trump issued a typically bombastic call for supporters to go to polling stations and watch for voter fraud, strongly suggesting that the only way he would lose the presidential election would be through Election Day “cheating.” Compared to his other highly publicized campaign trail comments—about women, immigrants, Muslims, and Hillary Clinton—this sentiment appeared relatively unremarkable. Observing polling places is already a pretty common practice.

Though seemingly innocuous, in many ways this suggestion is one of Trump’s most dangerous because its intent is not to preserve the …

The Media’s Prediction Addiction Is Anti-Democratic

Poll-Obsessed Journalists Try to Pick Winners Before the People Do

You have to give them credit: many journalists are confessing that they really blew it in the first act of this presidential election season. But most of their mea …