The Central Valley Is Fine If You Don’t Eat, Breathe, Or Get Sick

How Can We Improve the Health of One of the Nation’s Unhealthiest Places?

How can one of nation’s most unhealthy regions–the Central Valley of California–turn itself and its dismal statistics around? The answers lie in education, access, and addressing inequalities, a panel of healthcare professionals and advocates told a crowd at Fresno’s Arte Américas, at an event sponsored by the California HealthCare Foundation.

The Valley’s health problems are well-documented. John Capitman, executive director of the Central Valley Health Policy Institute, called its scores on the nation’s 10 leading health indicators (e.g., obesity and smoking rates and air quality) “a sad story.” The region meets …

Last Doctor For 50 Miles

How To Bring Decent Healthcare to the Central Valley

Rural healthcare in California is fighting an uphill battle–for better access, improved transportation, more coverage and reimbursement, and against doctor shortages. But there is cause for hope, agreed a panel …

Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboy Doctors

David Lawrence Looks at the Future of Primary Care

In a surprising introduction, David Lawrence, former CEO of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals, decided to focus on cowboys.

“The cowboy mythology suffuses many of the views about the doctor, …

So Long, Doc

Will Technology Render Your Doctor Obsolete?

One of the most established rituals in medicine, the annual checkup, may soon be a memory. Within ten years, the United States will have a shortage of primary care physicians …

Who Needs Doctors, Anyway?

Getting Used to Life After Primary Care Physicians

If you think it’s hard to get an appointment with a family doctor now, just wait until you’re a little older. By 2025, it’d really be best if you avoided …