Americans Have Been Fed Up With the Presidential Nomination Process for More Than 200 Years

And No Matter the Reform, the Primary Pendulum Between Elite Power and Voter Influence Will Keep Swinging

Americans love to argue about the rules of picking major party presidential nominees. But no matter the method, these contests are essentially the same: They pit party elites against the voters.

There is a clear pattern, a back and forth, that my co-authors and I identified in researching for our book, The Party Decides. While rule changes may give the upper hand to voters for a few presidential cycles, elites will always try to find ways to stage this voting process in their favor.

At this summer’s conventions, both parties are …

Let California Pick the Next President

Forget the Caucus in Iowa—Let's Host One on the Golden State's Central Coast

At the risk of sounding like Donald Trump, let me say it’s just stupid that California won’t play a significant role in picking the next president.

It’s even dumber that a …