California Keeps Repeating Its Own Election Lie

Spring Elections Aren’t Primaries. Let’s Stop Calling Them That

My fellow Californians, your government is lying to you. Without conscience or remorse. About two very important subjects: democracy and elections.

The lie is not new. It is 14 years old. And in our polarized era, it is a bipartisan falsehood—parroted by both political parties and defended by media of all types—including, perhaps, the newspaper or website where you are reading this column.

The lie is not hidden. The state uses your tax money to publish it in the voter guide and ballots it sends you.

So, what is this lie?

It’s that the …

Let California Pick the Next President

Forget the Caucus in Iowa—Let's Host One on the Golden State's Central Coast

At the risk of sounding like Donald Trump, let me say it’s just stupid that California won’t play a significant role in picking the next president.

It’s even dumber that a …