Will California’s Quest for Clean Energy Get in the Way of Land Back?

PG&E and a Chumash Tribe Had a Deal for Diablo Canyon. Until the State Stepped In

In 2019, the California public utility Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) announced that once its Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant closed, they would sell the land it sits on—12,000 acres of Central Coast hills rolling with chaparral and oak called the Pecho Coast. That same year, the California Public Utilities Commission adopted a Tribal Lands Transfer Policy mandating that public utilities disposing of lands give tribes the first right of offer to negotiate a land agreement prior to a public sale. When PG&E offered the lands (at market value) to …

Which Way Are the Winds of Renewable Energy Blowing off the West Coast?

Morro Bay’s Historic Auction for Offshore Developers Shows the Challenges of Making Climate Response Fit Community

Do we care if climate projects make allowances for the communities they impact?

That’s the question posed by the first-ever auction for leases to create giant wind farms in the ocean …

How the 16th-Century Energy Revolution Can Help Us Exit the Fossil Fuel Age | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

How the 16th-Century Energy Revolution Can Help Us Exit the Fossil Fuel Age

Understanding Why We Broke Free of Our Original Energy Source—Wood—Will Aid in Our Transition Back to Renewables Today

Scientists have long warned of the potential global catastrophe that burning fossil fuels could unleash on the planet. Now, a recent spate of record heat waves, forest fires, droughts, and …