How the Inland Empire Helped Create the Republic of Korea

Uncovering the Hidden History of Riverside’s Pachappa Camp

How did we forget about the first Koreatown, USA?

In the early 20th century, Korean Americans flocked to Pachappa Camp in citrus-rich Riverside, California, to gather, live and work together, and keep the Korean identity alive. During its short stretch of existence, this self-governed community made for and by Korean Americans became a mecca for the Korean independence movement and a bulwark against anti-Asian racism in America. But Pachappa Camp’s significance was forgotten about until the early 2000s, when students at the University of California, Riverside, located the camp’s name on …

The Breakup San Bernardino County Needs | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

The Breakup San Bernardino County Needs

Instead of Splitting Away From California, Split Yourself Up Instead

Dear San Bernardino County,

I understand your desire to leave California.

Your complaints—about the high costs of being here, the state’s low levels of public investment, the obstacles to building housing—all have …

The Greta Garbo of California Reservoirs Should Be Left Alone

Lake Mathews Is Beautiful, Lofty, and Forbidden. Humans, Keep Your Distance.

Stay away from my lake, Californians.

It’s too beautiful, and too important, for the likes of you.

It’s true that, as a legal matter, I don’t own Lake Mathews. But I’ve …

Pastor Samuel J. Casey

I Love Taking Care of Farm Animals

Reverend Samuel J. Casey is the pastor at New Life Christian Church in Fontana, which he founded in 2013. He also serves as the executive director for Congregations Organized for …

More Sprawl Can’t Keep the Inland Empire Down

The Region Is Bullish on Job Growth and Civic Engagement to Combat Challenges Like Long Commutes and Low Wages

The Inland Empire is facing a boom in population growth that presents a challenge for increasingly sprawling communities. Still, the region remains optimistic and open to embracing positive change to …