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In San Jose, California, Families Are Encouraged to Join Their Loved Ones’ Defense Team

When I heard about the suicide of Kalief Browder, a teenager who was charged with stealing a backpack and served three years in brutal Rikers Island until the charge against him was dropped, I thought about the shared culpability of his death by the criminal court system.

Police may have racially profiled Browder and wrongfully arrested him; but a prosecutor decided to pursue charges on patchy evidence and drag the case out for years; a judge set bail at $3,000, a bar his family could not afford; a previous plea deal—when …

L.A. Regional Reentry Partnership Executive Director Peggy Edwards

Beers with Hillary Clinton, Joan of Arc, and Margaret Mead

Peggy Edwards is executive director of the Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership. Before participating in a discussion of how redefining felonies will change California, she revealed in the Zócalo green …