Space Is Not Just for Scientists

Public and Private Partnerships Built Our New Space Age—Which Should Include All Aspects of Human Endeavor

Launching objects into orbit has never been so affordable nor has space ever been so accessible. As a result, humanity’s expansion into the universe is accelerating—and with it, the opportunity to correct some of the errors of our earthbound development. New collaborative approaches—public and private, interdisciplinary, and more—will be imperative for humanity to survive and thrive beyond Earth.

In the last decade, the cost of launching objects into space has plummeted 20-fold and attracted a surge of interest and capital which, alongside new technologies, are enabling innovations in commercial satellites, space …

Before We Settle on Mars, Let’s Make Sure It’s Not Already Occupied

While the Technology Is Within Reach, We Haven't Figured out How to Minimize the Risks to Both Humans and Martians

Humanity has dreamed of going to Mars for decades. Mars appeals to us as a possible second home because of how Earthlike it is—and how much more Earthlike it might …