My Grandma’s Los Altos Garage Launched a Tech Revolution

Tourists Flock to the Birthplace of Apple Computers. But to Me, the Ranch-Style House Was a Place to Eat Peanut Butter and Watch Cartoons.

My grandma’s house is your typical white, one-story house in the suburbs of the Silicon Valley—it has rustic red brick accents, baby blue trim, and a perfectly manicured front lawn. It also happens to have signs out front that read “No Trespassing. Security Cameras Are Filming. All Pictures Must Be Taken From Street.” To me, my grandma’s house is a second home, but to the rest of the world, it’s the place where Apple Inc., was created.

Steve Jobs grew up in this Los Altos house throughout his childhood. In 1976, …

My 1984-and Steve’s

The Stylish Beige Machine That Coaxed Me Out of the Cave

It was a rare indulgence for me that Sunday evening back in early 1984. It was January 22nd, and for once I wasn’t halfway across campus in the basement of …