David Clarke

The Comic Book Creator Wants Cartoon Superheroes to Look Like the Kids Who Revere Them

At 5:09 p.m., I receive an email from Off Shoot Comics’ co-founder, David Clarke: “It was hard to find, but I made it to the Red Door! I’m just chilling inside.”

Panicked, and still at home, I whip through our email exchange to double-check the time of our rendezvous; I was certain we had set the time for 6 p.m.

We had. But Clarke, professional in every way, simply arrived early—I had warned him that the entrance to the bar in L.A.’s Toluca Lake neighborhood is a bit tricky to …

Why Californians Are Such Suckers for Superheroes

From Onscreen Icons to Tech Stars, the State's Obsession With Larger-Than-Life Characters Is a Way to Avoid Inconvenient Truths

California faces a peculiar overpopulation problem: We have too many superheroes.

Missed this news in The Daily Planet? Fear not—your ignorance is understandable. California is not as closely associated with …