Transforming Trash Into Art

How a Riverside Taco Joint Became a Magnet for Community

I’ve lived in Riverside, and I’ve owned Tio’s Tacos here for over 25 years now. Growing up, I lived in a small town in northern Michoacán Mexico called Sahuayo. I loved the culture of my town, but I dreamed of escaping the poverty around me to the United States. I was a rambunctious child at school and it would get me into trouble, until I had to drop out in the third grade. I was surrounded by poverty, but I was a child, so I found ways to make the …

Is Fresno California’s Taco Capital?

In Search of a Galvanizing Narrative, a Growing City Looks to Its Taquerías

Can tacos save Fresno?

Greater Fresno, with 1.1 million people and growing, is in the process of becoming California’s next big metropolitan area (it’s already fifth—after L.A., the Bay Area, San …