Could Your Vacation Change the World?

Tourism Has the Power to Shape Politics, at Home and Abroad

As the United States sends stockpiles of weapons to Ukraine, another transatlantic mobilization is underway. Freed from two years of COVID restrictions and testing requirements, Americans are once again traveling in large numbers. Market observers have predicted a six-fold increase in American tourism to Europe compared to summer 2021.

If you’re wondering what shipments of weapons and planeloads of tourists have in common, the answer is: quite a bit. Tourism has long had a way of getting mixed up in international politics.

It is easy to overlook tourism’s political importance. After all, …

Where’s the Laid-Back Fun in Kids’ Summer Vacations?

Pricey Camps and Erratic School Calendars Are Spoiling Our Seasonal Break

My grade school summer vacations seemed to last forever, pairing well with the Beach Boys’ Endless Summer double album I wore out on the record changer.

During those hot and humid …

flower parade

oh florida
I love your rain
& venetian blinds:

red parade of tiny flowers in the pool
open yesterday closed today
blown off your stems by the storm:

dead bees float along

In Praise of Wandering ‘Over There’

True Travel Exploration Requires That You Ditch Yelp and Google Maps

On Day 4 of our recent trip to Italy, it happened again. My wife said: “Hey, let’s go over there.”

Over where? Into oblivion. Into awkwardness. Into, well, I didn’t know, because …