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    If you’re interested in contributing to a project that would help update our public participation laws, see the Knight News Challenge proposal at http://kng.ht/WUT86m

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    None of this works when you have corrupt officials at any level who are infused in the process. We see it with our neighborhood councils in Los Angeles where a lot of well-meaning people fighting the good fights or fighting their own particular, narrowly-focused issues, are dismissed, quashed, marginalized, attacked, disregarded or “buried” by interests who are amassing money and/or power and thereby totally invalidate what was supposed to be a democratic process. Every decent and dedicated neighborhood activist in Los Angeles knows that the only way to get quality-of-life issues taken seriously is to sue the bastards. It’s a broken system, just like the one at the top in this country and at every other level. We have no representational government. There is oligarchy. That stuff you’re watching that masquerades as democracy is a glorified dog and pony show!