A Little City Takes on the Big Job of Building Housing and Infrastructure

La Verne, Population 32,000, Is First to Try California’s Newest Redevelopment Tool

Officials in La Verne, a small city of 32,000 in east Los Angeles County, don’t like to be on the leading edge in establishing new policies. La Verne certainly doesn’t want to be a player in the big statewide debates over housing and transit. And the city didn’t set out to make itself a proving ground for the best new tool California communities have to transform themselves.

But La Verne is about to become a California leader anyway.

That’s because this city—for its own reasons—has formed one of California’s first EIFDs. …

California Should Pick the Next President

America No Longer Wants Steady and Boring Chief Executives, So It's Time to Let the Golden State Choose

Elizabeth Warren, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, gets on her knees to pick spinach while discussing single-payer health care with farmworkers in the Salinas Valley. Beto O’Rourke, in a wetsuit …

Berkeley Is Great. But UCLA Is Greater

The University in Westwood Has a Scale—and a Rapid and Relentless History—That Defines California

Berkeley. Schmerkeley. California’s most important educational institution is UCLA.

Now would be a good time for Californians to recognize this, and not only because the school in Westwood is celebrating its …

Why Does California Want My Kids Glued to Their Computers?

As the State Moves Testing and Homework Online, Parents Are Losing the Battle Against Screen Time

A great conflict is tearing this country apart, bitterly pitting generations against each other. It’s not immigration or “Medicare for all.” It’s the fight over how much time kids can …

Yosemite Is Not for Claustrophobes

As It Accommodates Millions of Visitors a Year, California’s Signature National Park Feels Less Like an Escape

The Yosemite National Park shuttle bus to Mariposa Grove wasn’t running. And the road up to the grove is no longer open to private cars. Would my three sons, ages …