Eric Garcetti Gets Goofy with Airplane!

At the Zócalo/KCRW ‘My Favorite Movie’ Series, L.A.’s Mayor Discusses the 1980 Comedy Classic with the Filmmakers and KCRW’s Madeleine Brand

Ever wondered what makes L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti laugh? June Cleaver speaking jive, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a pilot, and a bowl of Jell-O on a turbulent plane. When asked to host Zócalo and KCRW’s “My Favorite Movie” series at the Million Dollar Theatre, Garcetti chose the 1980 classic comedy Airplane!

In introducing the movie, Garcetti said that Airplane! appeals to his “goofy sensibility,” the ability “to laugh at yourself, laugh at the world.” Garcetti also chose the movie because it broke new comedic ground and because “for a 9-year-old it was an exciting movie on all sorts of levels.” And, putting back on his mayoral hat, because “it’s a metaphor for what happens when you decide to leave L.A. for Chicago.”

After a screening of Airplane! KCRW Press Play host Madeleine Brand interviewed Garcetti, as well as the movie’s writing-directing-producing trio, …

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