Will L.A. Escape the Tyranny of the Car?

We Love Our Freedom, But We Hate Traffic. And If We Want to Be a 21st-Century City, We’ve Got Changes to Make.

Aaron Paley, native Angeleno and founder of the CicLAvia bike festival, is tired of reading the same newspaper and magazine stories over and over again proclaiming that Los Angeles is at last “coming of age.” Paley opened a panel co-presented by Metro on the question of whether L.A. is mobile enough to be a global city with a bold proclamation. “We’ve been a great city all along,” he told the crowd at MOCA Grand Avenue. “We are a global city.”

Seleta Reynolds, who became general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation earlier this year, agreed. But she said that myths about L.A.’s identity persist, and if we want to become a truly 21st-century city, we’ve got to bust those myths and offer more transportation choices.

Where do you start this myth-busting, asked the evening’s moderator, Los Angeles News Group deputy …

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