Are Artists Like Fine Wine?

Aging Means Getting Older, Wiser, and Maybe Even More Creative

What inspires artists as they grow older? Do they approach their work in new ways? Do they see the world differently? Painter Charles Garabedian, muralist Judithe Hernández, and musicologist Karen Painter tackled these questions at an “Open Art” event co-presented by the Getty. It was inspired by the Getty exhibition “J. M. W. Turner: Painting Set Free,” which features works from the final years of Turner’s life.

In the introduction to the book she edited, Late Thoughts: Reflections on Artists and Composers at Work, Painter wrote that aging artists do not have “a prototypical or consistent approach” to their work: “Late style does not exist in any real sense.” Los Angeles Times arts reporter Mike Boehm, the evening’s moderator, opened the discussion in front of a large crowd at the Getty by asking Painter if that statement made a discussion …

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