Basques Capture Mothers Cup

Meet the Perfect Moms Who Have Your Back-But Aren’t Overbearing

Basques Capture Mothers Cup

by Jordan Wallens

As you may be aware, the past year has seen much hand-wringing, tongue-wagging, and tsk-tsking around the Spartan, draconian (and enviably effective) child-rearing techniques of the Chinese “Tiger Mom.” Courtesy (or alleged lack thereof) über-parent Amy Chua’s controversial Battle Hymn.

As you may be further aware, ever since the Tigeurre’s emergence, we have witnessed a secondary drumbeat of cultural rebuttals, each and all attesting to the modular superiority of suddenly competing nationalities of motherdom. French moms, Italian ones, Guatemalans even, and others, have each made their regimental case, …

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