Wild Sights

Originally from Canada, illustrator Sarah Campbell moved to Australia in 2010. A graduate from the Design Centre Enmore in Sydney, her work is featured in children’s books, editorials, logos and branding, graphics for clothing, instructional illustrations for websites, custom commissions, and more.

For her Zócalo Sketchbook, Campbell depicts five well-known tourist destinations from around the world and populates the sites with endangered animal species native to each region. The more lyrical black and white drawings of the endangered species contrast the tourist sites, which are rendered in a brightly colored style reminiscent of textbook drawings. The contrast gives the animals an almost ghostlike quality—fading memories drowned out by the bright solidity of modern life.

Campbell tells Zócalo that she hopes her Sketchbook “may bring just a tiny bit more awareness to the devastating issue of biodiversity loss.”


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