Announcing Zócalo’s Third Annual Poetry Prize Winner

Congratulations to Amy Glynn, Author of ‘Shoreline,’ This Year’s Best Poem on Place

Zócalo’s daily humanities journalism aims to shed light on critical issues and trends that explain our shared human condition. Zócalo strives to do the same thing with the new poems we publish every Friday. We’re proud that, over the past six years, we’ve become a welcoming space for both established and emerging poets to share their work.

For the past two years, in conjunction with our annual book prize, we’ve honored the writer of the poem that best evokes a connection to place—which we interpret quite broadly. In 2012, Jody Zordrager …

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Ethan Zuckerman Wins Zócalo’s Fourth Annual Book Prize

‘Rewire’ Is the Year’s Best Book on Community and Human Connectedness

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Come Together—Right Now

Announcing Our Finalists for the Fourth Annual Zócalo Public Square Book Prize

Events like the Olympics and World Cup can reliably be counted on to bring countries and people together for a few weeks around love of sport, hatred of opponents, and …

A Winning Poem Without Fault

Jia-Rui Chong Cook is the Winner of Zócalo's Second Annual Poetry Prize

At Zócalo, we take particular pleasure in presenting new poetry, that essential art form that has found expression in every human society. For us, poetry is one more medium with …

We Have a Righteous Book Prize Winner

Social Psychologist Jonathan Haidt, Author of The Righteous Mind, Has Won the Third Annual Zócalo Book Prize

For 10 years now, Zócalo Public Square has convened people in public spaces to talk about important issues and ideas. We do so in the belief that examining visceral, even …

See, There’s Gold in Them Thar Books About Human Connection

Announcing the Three Finalists For the $5,000 Third Annual Zócalo Book Prize

President Barack Obama opened his inaugural address in January by reminding Americans “that what binds this nation together is not the colors of our skin or the tenets of our …