Can We Close the Empathy Gap?

Sixth Annual Zócalo Book Prize Winner Sherry Turkle Thinks We Can Learn How to Talk—and Connect—Again as Humans

Zócalo Publisher Gregory Rodriguez said he was terrified as he opened a discussion onstage at MOCA Grand Avenue with MIT’s Sherry Turkle.

It wasn’t, however, because he was moderating in front of a full house, or because Turkle is an esteemed sociologist and psychologist who was there to accept the sixth annual Zócalo Book Prize for Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age. It was because Turkle’s book argues “that our fixation on technology is making us less empathetic,” and that an “empathy gap” has opened up between …

Why is Mexico Still an International Call?

The Telecom Industry's Dirty Little Secret Is to Treat Our Closest Neighbor as If It Were Long-Distance

Don’t tell Donald Trump, but Mexico is getting a lot closer.

Even as candidates vying for the nomination of the party associated with big business call for walls separating …