Going Back to Blair Mountain

The Largest Armed Labor Uprising in American History Is Finally Getting the Remembrance It Deserves

For most people, the memory of the largest armed labor uprising in American history is unknown, buried beneath the dirt of West Virginia’s Blair Mountain alongside bullet casings and relics of coal camp life. In miners’ families, the stories stayed alive, passed down around kitchen tables and on front porches. But until the 21st century, there were no monuments, museums, or markers of the West Virginia mine wars, a seminal American story of how labor unions came to be.

In late August 1921, some 15,000 mineworkers and allies banded together across …

Can Bureaucracies Be Sustainability Innovators?

How India’s Coal-Dependent Government Has Harnessed Its Power to Build Better and Cleaner

Bureaucracies are often thought of as stiflers of innovation and growth. But the Indian government, one of the biggest bureaucracies in the world, has made some surprising gains in the …

How the 16th-Century Energy Revolution Can Help Us Exit the Fossil Fuel Age | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

How the 16th-Century Energy Revolution Can Help Us Exit the Fossil Fuel Age

Understanding Why We Broke Free of Our Original Energy Source—Wood—Will Aid in Our Transition Back to Renewables Today

Scientists have long warned of the potential global catastrophe that burning fossil fuels could unleash on the planet. Now, a recent spate of record heat waves, forest fires, droughts, and …