The Civil Rights Act Is Broken

A Law Written to Protect Blacks in the Deep South Has Become a Source of Discrimination in a Diversifying Nation

Californians, like other Americans, like to think that race should never be a qualification for a job, that everyone deserves an equal opportunity and a fair shake. This principle undergirds our Civil Rights Act, which turns 50 this month. And yet increasingly, many employers are treating race as a qualification, especially for people of color. We can look no further than the Los Angeles Lakers’ acquisition of Jeremy Lin. “Lakers land Asian-American guard,” exclaimed one headline. “In addition to what he’ll bring us on the court, we think Jeremy will …

How On Earth Did Crystal Cathedral Go Catholic?

An Orange County Evangelical Church’s Flameout Shows Us How Quickly America’s Spiritual Landscape Can Change

This summer, thousands of Catholics from Orange County and beyond, responding to invitations sent out in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese, packed a sun-drenched plaza in Garden Grove. They were there …

I’m a Rare and Precious Baby. So Pay Me.

California Has a Child Shortage. And This Newborn Can’t Pick Up the Slack All By Himself.

At the moment of my birth—a moment that occurred only last week—I was the most valuable child in the history of California.

That’s not merely the opinion of my proud father, …

What Will 11.2 Million Legalizations Do?

Assessing the Impact of the New Immigration Bill on Los Angeles and the Nation

Exactly seven years ago, on May 1, 2006, millions of people in cities across America took to the streets to protest against harsh proposed changes in immigration policy. Today, a …

Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Veterans

Ask How We Can Get More of Them To California

Should California recruit more military veterans to move here?

If that question seems ridiculous, it’s only because we have some mistaken ideas about both California and veterans.

The first common but incorrect …

White Out

Majority of Births Now Minorities-Brace Yourself for the Loss of Nothing

Here we go again. The Census Bureau has released yet one more milestone data point that supposedly reveals the profundity of America’s ongoing demographic change. This time, it’s news that, …