Love the Games or Loathe Them, the Olympics Need to Do Better by Competitors and Local Communities

From Displacement to Doping, Athletes Argue for More Moral and Engaged Leadership

The Olympic Games need to overhaul their governance and give more decision-making power to athletes if they are ever going to address their many failings, from the costs they impose on hosting communities to a lack of equity in participation, said panelists at a Zocalo/ASU Foundation event Thursday night.

The event, streamed online over multiple platforms and titled “Can We Build A Better Summer Olympics?” featured four accomplished athletes, two of them Olympic medalists, who have gone on to varied roles that touch on the Games—a sports historian, the leader of …

Russia Goes for Gold in Hooliganism

The Future World Cup Host’s Latest International Sporting Event Antics Only Deepen the Kremlin’s Sense of Isolation

In authoritarian political systems, sports take on outsized importance. After all, national greatness is part of the bargain. A measure of democratic freedom is traded for strength and victory, whether …