Lost and Found in Jerusalem

Helping Women in the Jewish State Helped Me Find Meaning in My Lukewarm Jewishness

“Where are you going?” the grizzled, shaggy-bearded driver barked at me. After 15 hours of traveling, I was sandwiched between tourists on an Israeli shuttle en route from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Back in the States, I thought I had planned this trip meticulously.

But I had forgotten to write down one important detail: the address of my hostel.

I knew it was close to the headquarters of PresenTense, the organization that had brought me to Israel for a fellowship program that helps budding entrepreneurs develop businesses.

“Ehmm, around … 14 Hillel Street,” …

What the Daisy Commercial Wrought

Mad Men, Volkswagen, and the Birth of the Political Attack Ad

Pundits have branded this primary presidential campaign season as the most vitriolic in history. Negative commercials dominate the airwaves.

How did we get here? Mad Men has the answer, of course.

During …

Baked & Wired (D.C.)

Because They Hold the Nuts

The sweet smell of a bakery accelerates my pulse and propels panic signals to my brain. I’m allergic to nuts. I dream of warm apple pie slices and soft, sprinkled …