Can a Football Addict Quit the NFL?

I’m Horrified By What The Sport Does to Its Players. But That Didn’t Make Severing Ties Any Easier.

Sunday’s national holiday has me feeling stressed out. The holiday, of course, is the Super Bowl, as likely to clear the streets and bring family together as Christmas. But this year it reminds me of all the insults I received when I wrote about my decision to boycott the NFL this season. One reader called me a “Nancy,” several called me a “nerd,” and someone even tweeted at me: “Hey @FuzzHogan, serious question: Do you have tits for hands?”

My kids and I mostly had fun with those insults—although we were taken …

In Praise of Wandering ‘Over There’

True Travel Exploration Requires That You Ditch Yelp and Google Maps

On Day 4 of our recent trip to Italy, it happened again. My wife said: “Hey, let’s go over there.”

Over where? Into oblivion. Into awkwardness. Into, well, I didn’t know, because …

Why I’m Boycotting the NFL

Let the Players Sue. Let the Pundits Rant. But This Fan Is Taking a Stand and Reclaiming His Sundays.

The air chills, the humidity departs, the school bell rings, the shofar blows … all signs that the football season has begun to eat my Sundays. Or would be eating …

John Lehr

Hollywood’s Most Affable Caveman

John Lehr’s most famous “role,” if you can call it that, masks a personality that is, at heart, a persistent smile. You’ve seen him—and heard him—over the years as the …

Why Can’t CNN Tell Good Stories?

Sorry, Folks, the Profits Are In the B-Roll

You’ve got the solution to CNN’s problems. I can see you cradling a good pinot after a dinner party when you say, “They just need to tell great stories, like …

Arun Chaudhary

Careful, Mr. President, My Camera Is On

Arun Chaudhary is already a few sips into his Rams Head IPA when I arrive at the Pug on H Street in Washington, D.C. H Street is what passes for …