What Could American-Style Gun Culture Do to Israel?

An Armed, Internally Divided Nation Is Not One That Makes Peace Easily

mong the core Israeli national narratives fractured by the October 7 Hamas terror attacks and the months of war and violence that have followed was the notion that Israel’s ethos on firearms differed from that of the United States.

Both countries were gun-centric democracies, that narrative allowed, but the U.S. was a land of too many guns and too few laws—while Israelis “trust their state, and don’t fear each other.”  A common refrain emphasized that “in Israel it is not a right to bear arms, but a privilege.”

I knew this mentality …

America Is No Longer Gun-Shy About Gun Control

Even If Congress Hasn’t Really Tightened Federal Firearm Laws, the NRA Has Lost Its Chokehold on the Debate

When President Barack Obama announced he would not campaign for or endorse any candidate that doesn’t support stricter gun laws, it was another marker in a sea change in the …

Why Americans Fight Over Guns

How History, Culture, and Media Make the U.S. a Global Outlier on Gun Politics

After the mass shooting of school children at Sandy Hook Elementary, it appeared that new legislation on guns might advance in Congress. Instead, in spite of some changes in states, …