Personal Jesus

I want to see your face, not just your words,
but I know I will be disappointed.
What kind of a face could you have
that would not disappoint?
I made squash soup the other day.
It was too bitter so I added more sugar,
then too sweet so I added more salt,
then too salty so I threw up my hands
and asked you what to do.
Your face swirled briefly in the broth
before sinking back to the bottom of the pot
where apparently it lives
like a …

A Bouquet of Knives

When I bend down to smell them

I get an eerie feeling that you’ve done this before
and it came to a sorry end.
What drives me to lower my bucket …

A Canticle With Dashes of Remorse

The mother in the movie Mother would kill for her son.

Not so my mother, who, if anything went wrong,
laid blame squarely on me. If a kid hit me,