A Better L.A. Is Possible—If We Create Space for All Angelenos

Community Organizing, Creativity, and Inclusive Planning Will Improve the City for Everyone

“Can We All Live in the Best Version of Los Angeles?,” today’s Zócalo/Goldhirsh Foundation event, discussed what Angelenos really need to thrive. Moderated by Joel Garcia, artist, cultural organizer, and director of Meztli Projects, the takeaway from this panel of plugged-in community organizers was hopeful: L.A. is capable of broad-based solutions when it comes to our biggest challenges. However, it will take creativity and political will to get results.

The event was convened in conversation with LA2050, an ongoing initiative by the Goldhirsh Foundation, which since 2013 has awarded grants to …

Democracy Strikes out at Dodger Stadium

The L.A. Ballpark Was a Diverse and Inclusive Public Space. Then Prices Took a Bad Hop.

When Los Angeles Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley opened Dodger Stadium on April 10, 1962, his ticket price structure was simple, straightforward, and inexpensive: $3.50 for box seats, $2.50 for reserved …