Our Exhibition Embraced Selfies, Snapchat, and Shopping Malls—and Went Viral

In the Overheated Art World, Social Media Give Millennials New Tools For Engagement

Even a few years ago, galleries and museums that showcased their collections via Instagram were a minority. Now Instagram is ubiquitous. Cellphone cameras have officially replaced sketching among museum-goers. Social media mediates everything. And many art institutions have acknowledged the role of social media as a key aspect of audience engagement. To shape that role, art engagement, branding, and promotion all deserve a thorough reconsideration.

I learned more about how to do that a few months ago, through a show I curated called One World Exposition #like4like. The exhibition, which …

Understanding the Meaning of Shopping Carts

I Photograph Them Because They Illustrate My Feelings of Loneliness and Displacement

In 2006, I started taking pictures of shopping carts. At the time, I would shoot them as if they were wild animals on safari. Not paying attention to shape, form, …

L.A., You Suck at Parking

Many Angelenos Leave Their Cars in the Worst Places, so I Started an Instagram Campaign to Make Them Think Twice About Being Jerks

I moved from Connecticut to Los Angeles on a whim six years ago to pursue a career as a makeup artist. I had two suitcases, a couple thousand dollars in …