The Joys of Basic Training, 1951

Becoming a Soldier in a Time of War

When Bill Clinton was preparing to take over as president of the United States, he got a lesson from Ronald Reagan on how to salute. Back then, it was unusual to have a president without military experience. Today, it’s unremarkable. Neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney has served in uniform. While I would never vote for a candidate merely because he served–other factors weigh much more heavily–I believe that both presidential nominees today lack a measure of personal experience that would benefit any commander-in-chief. You learn a lot in the …

Korea’s Online Clash

The Quest for a DMZ Between Privacy and Security

South Korea is among the world’s most wired places. Seoul metro passengers stream KBO baseball games on their tablet PCs while native search companies Naver and Daum provide high-quality street …

To Have and to Hate

My Grandparents and Seven Rotten Decades of Marriage

My grandfather, age 94, is in the hospital for a hip replacement. My grandmother, age 87, hasn’t visited him once. It’s been almost two weeks now.

Many of us dream of …