How Voting Selfies Brought Down South Korea’s Conservative Majority

Social Media Campaigns Are Boosting Youth Turnout and Curbing the Influence of Elderly Voters

Korean elections are no longer driven by the old.

For more than 16 years, older voters in Korea dominated politics, giving the conservatives a big advantage—and a majority in the national parliament.

Then, in the April elections this year, conservatives unexpectedly lost their majority. The reason: Younger voters turned out at ballot stations like never before. They had been mobilized by new uses of social media in the campaigns.

Why did this change take so long? Korea has been in economic recession for many years. It has long been plagued by high …

In Glendale, World War II Isn’t Over

A Southern California City’s Memorial to Korean ‘Comfort Women’ Raises Questions of Responsibility, Memory, and Human Suffering

A federal judge will soon decide whether to remove a memorial in Glendale, California to so-called Korean “comfort women” who were forced into sexual slavery by Japanese soldiers in World …

How Do You Say SAT in Finnish?

If You Think Our Three-Hour Exam Is Grueling, You Should Try the Finns’ 50-Hour Standardized Test

We’ve heard a lot over the past week about how the new SAT compares to the old SAT and rightfully so. But the world is a big place, and the …

The Koreans Are Coming! The Koreans Are Coming!

Korean Air Is Building the Tallest Building in L.A. It’s a Remarkable But Unsung Testament to How Far a Country and Its Emigrants Have Come.

The Hanjin Group of South Korea, better known to Americans through its flagship subsidiary Korean Air Lines, is in the process of building the tallest structure west of the Mississippi. …

Samsung, Hyundai … Ryu

Korea’s Quality Imports Now Include Baseball Players Used to Impassioned Fans

Tuesday night marked an important milestone in L.A.-Korea ties. When Hyun-jin Ryu took the mound at Dodger Stadium to pitch against the San Francisco Giants, he became the first professional …

When I Got Sent to Anchorage Instead of Pyongyang

During a Bloody War in Korea, Army Life in Alaska Postal Unit 50 Was Pretty Good

On October 3, 1951, after learning that I would be spared deployment to Korea and getting a customary 14-day leave from the U.S. Army, I reported to Union Station in …